Monday, July 18, 2011

New Commitment

I know I do not update this blog as much as I should. My day job and takes me away from brewing a lot, and I try to makeup the lost time with my family. So when I am inspired to share I am nowhere near a PC to do so.

While none of the above has or will change anytime soon. I have co-founded a home brew club; Funky Brewster We will meeting monthly on Monday nights. I will continue to blog about brewing in Florida and Florida beer scene, I will also use the Blog and Facebook page to talk about Funky Brewster meeting and events.

Next up, I am looking at going semi-pro. Yep a couple of are starting a Nano Brewery as a stepping stone to opening a 7-10 barrel brewhouse. I will have more info on this as it happens. For now I promise to post some updates on a couple of projects I completed over the last two months.