Friday, November 5, 2010

Creativity Put on Hold

It really is for the better meant of me as a brewer. I design new recipes almost everyday, if one doesn't get fleshed out the idea is written down and desired tasting notes or some sort of inspiration. But that's why I have a huge back log of brews to brew and updated recipes, for things that I need to tweak to a finished product. Not that I believe any of my beers are really finished products even those that I am happy with, equipment changes effect beer at every level so everything is a work in progress. But I am rambling.

I need to get back to working current beers to finished products so I have a line of a half dozen or so solid repeatable beers. Not 40 awesome idea beers that all need a little work, except my Rye first time was the charm, here is hoping my notes make since next time I brew it.

But now I am working on a schedule for when the semester is over on brewing my top 6 or 8 beers at least once a month until I am happy with them. Hence my creativity being put on hold, This morning I started working on a new winter session beer and just made some quick notes instead of fleshing it out. Winter will come again next year, I can brew my Nola Stout for Dec and Jan.

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