Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bucco Bruce All Grain v1

Well I think the flavor will still change over the next couple of weeks. But Bucco has been bottle from 3 weeks now and I cracked one open last night. Color is spot not golden, not amber but that almost orange color. Now thing take a turn. When I brewed this last I wasn't setup for all grain and I did not have a temperature controlled fermentation environment. So the yeast was not really giving it's all in the scent and flavor category.

So I used the Wyeast Belgium Strong Ale, and I get a wonderful flowery alcoholic scent mixed in with orange and very little vanilla. If that what I was trying for I would be happy. I wanted more orange and vanilla in the nose.

The taste has tons for citrus up front followed by that very Belgium alcohol bite. Again I like, but not what I was trying for.

Head retention it great think white lacy head and hangs all over the glass.

I think I hit pretty well stylistically on a Belgium Strong Ale. However, to recreate my Bucco with my current equipment and process I need to change up the yeast and find thing that does over power my spices.

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